Information on the public center is coming soon! Expected to open early 2021.

Take a look at some of the wildlife we've been helping



These three late summer babies were found as newborns who had fallen out of their nest. With no mother in sight, they were brought in to be raised. One squirrel had a small injury, while the other two appeared healthy. They were successfully released October 2020.


Taken to Central Animal hospital by a good samaritan who found her on the ground. She was then thoroughly examined and x-rayed by Sayak Hosomi, DVM at Central Animal Hospital. The raven was found to have a fractured left wing. She was taken to the center and treated with rest, confinment, and physical therapy. After, she was transferred to Green Chimneys for 3-4 weeks of flight conditioning before being successfully released by Dave Spillo, Paul Kupchock and students from their educational program. Thank you to Central Animal Hospital and Green Chimneys!


Found in Millwood. The owl had been stuck in a fence from 1 - 2 days. Was suffering from a fractured wing and severe dehydration.


These flickers were found by chance when one of our rehabbers was passing a tree that had been cut down. They were raised and later released.

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