The Center relies greatly on the support of our generous donors. Monetary and item donations allow us to rescue, rehabilitate and release hundreds of injured and orphaned animals each year. There are two ways to donate:

PayPal Donation

Monetary donations allows us to keep the center open and running, as well as fund a future permanent rescue and education center. Thank you for your support!


When donating through PayPal, if you would like the Center to receive the full donation amount, please uncheck "paying fot goods or services" This will avoid PayPal taking a percentage of the donation. Thank you!


Item Donation

Our Wishlist contains items that we are in need of. If you are thinking of donation old towels or bedding, please see our wishlist for what we accept. Thank you!

If you are unsure about your donation please feel free to give us a call at (914) 629 - 8352


Our vision is to establish a larger Wildlife Center in lower Westchester. With a larger Center we will be able to train volunteers which in turn will allow the Center to help more wildlife. Additionally, we will have an Education Center which will teach children and adults alike about the importance of co-existing with wildlife and a Research Center to study and learn how to better assist wildlife in our ever changing environment. 

Please donate today to help our vision come true!

Available Naming Opportunities


The              Name              


​Pavillion for Eagles/Ospreys                                           $75,000



Pavillion for Owls                                                               $50,000


Flight Cage for Owls and Hawks                                    $50,000


Pavillion for Hawks                                                            $50,000


Pavillion for Falcons                                                          $50,000


Flight Cage for Falcons                                                    $50,000


Pavillion for Accipiters                                                      $50,000


​Flight Cage for Accipiters                                                $45,000


Patrica A. Fallon Pavillion for Corvids                             Name Reserved


Flight Cage for Corvids                                                    $50,000


Sea Bird Pavillion and Pool                                             $50,000


Heron Pavillion and Pool                                                 $35,000


Waterfowl Pavillion and Pool                                         $35,000


Violet's Pavillion for Songbirds                                       Name Reserved


Flight Cage for Songbirds                                               $25,000


Mammal Orphan Care Center                                        $50,000


Wildlife Hospital Triage and Treatment Center           $50,000


Wildlife Surgery Center                                                   $50,000


Wildlife Intensive Care Center                                        $50,000


X-Ray and Lab Facility                                                      $75,000


Educational Birds of Prey Pavillion                                 $50,000


Volunteer Center                                                               $20,000


Education Center                                                               $35,000


Research and Conservation Center                              $150,000


Multi-Purpose Training Room                                          $25,000




Please note that naming opportunities are negotiable and based on the discretion of the Center.