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The Center

Established in 2013, the center previously consisted of  licensed wildlife rehabilitators working privately to ensure wildlife in need was properly cared for. As of 2019,  a temporary public location  was secured and will be opening in early 2020. Staffed by licensed wildlife rehabilitators and dedicated volunteers we will be able to provide emergency care and interim housing to the wildlife in our community. Help us reach our goal of securing a permanent center!

Our Board


Loraine Izzo

Licensed Rehabilitator/President

Is a NYS DEC and Federally permitted wildlife rehabilitator, founder and President of CWRRC, Loraine has 20 years experience  rescuing  and rehabilitating wildlife. Although she enjoys working with all species, her specialty is working with birds of prey, waterfowl and seabirds, such as herons.

Gina Manzino

Vice President

Gina has worked for decades in the animal rescue field. She was also on the Board of Directors at the Elmsford animal shelter for 10 years. Gina's efforts at fundraising and spreading awareness about the work we do at the Center, is essential to our organization. 


In Loving Memory of Joanne Dreeben

                                               It is with great sadness to inform you that Joanne past away                                              on February 11, 2020. She was a NYS DEC and Federally                                                         permitted wildlife rehabilitator with over 40 years of experience                                          rescuing and rehabilitating wildlife, as well as a docent at the                                            Bronx Zoo for over 30 years. Joanne was well known for her                                     success in rehabilitating hundreds of songbirds every Spring and Summer. Throughout the years she trained numerous wildlife rehabbers how to properly rescue, treat and release wildlife. Joanne had a very special love of wildlife and an innate connection with the ferrets she fostered and found homes for. Joanne was very invested in making sure we had a wildlife center in Westchester and showed us how truly strong and courageous she was when she attended out last fundraiser in January.  Although she won't be visible when we open our new center in the summer, her spirit and the knowledge which she passed on to others, will be.  

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Our Mission

We are dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation, and release of injured, orphaned and displaced wildlife in Westchester County, NY. Our center also provides educational and outreach programs to promote the conservation of wildlife.

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