Center for Wildlife Rescue, Research and Conservation, Inc.


                                                                                    Wish List for Wildlife

Non-medical Supplies Wish List                                    Medical Supplies Wish List

Airline Kennels (all sizes)                                                               UVB Bulbs

All-purpose organic cleaners                                                       Patient Scales (baby)

Antibacterial liquid soap                                                                Pediatric stethoscopes

Aquariums (10-gallon)                                                                    V.A.C. Therapy Systems

Astroturf rolls or doormats                                                            Fessa System

Bathroom scales (doctor or hospital grade)                              Surgical light

Blankets                                                                                            Super Talon Animal Catcher

Brooms and dust pans                                                                   IV fluids

Bleach (organic is preferable)                                                       UV sets

Butterfly nets                                                                                   Medication carts

GoProHero3 Camera                                                                      Syringes

Canned cat and dog food                                                             Splints

Cloth diapers                                                                                    Gauze

Dawn dishwashing liquid (non-bacterial blue)                          Paper tape

Deer meat (fresh or frozen)                                                           Bacterial wash

Disposable gloves                                                                           Thermometers

Dishwashing gloves                                                                        Tongue depressors                           Dry-erase markers

Exact baby bird food

Extension cords



Hand truck

Heating pads (no auto shut-off)

Humane live traps

Infant blankets

Kitchen utensils (knives)

Kitchen size trash bags

Kong Extreme dog toys

Latex gloves (disposable

Linens (all sizes - no holes)

Mops/mop heads

PVC Piping and Fittings

Paper bags

Paper towels


Pet food bowls (ceramic - all sizes)


Plastic cable ties

Play sand

Puppy training pads


Rubbermaid plastic tubs

Safety glasses

Scissors and kitchen shears

Scrub brushes



Staple guns

Tape (scotch, masking, duct)

Tissues (non-lotion)

Trash bags (13-gallon, 39-gallon, 55-gallon sizes)

Vacuum cleaner

Organic spray cleaners (Method or Stop & Shop*s Greenway brand)

Work gloves

Ziploc bags

Zoo Med Reptile Basking Spot lamps