Thank You!

The Center would like to thank all of the people who go out of their way to contact us about injured wildlife and who also accept our advice when intervention is not necessary.  Many thanks to those individuals who are brave enough, after speaking with a licensed wildlife rehabilitator, to capture and transport injured wildlife to the Center. It is because of such caring and compassionate individuals that we are able to assist wildlife so effectively.

Thank you for your donation to the Center. Every donation counts whether it is a monetary donation, goods such as blankets or food or volunteering at the Center. We depend on all kinds of donations to carry on our work rehabilitating wildlife.  

We wish to thank The Dorothy and John Caples Fund for their recent generous donation to the Center. Their donation will allow the Center to purchase much needed equipment which is necessary to capture injured wildlife.

The Center would like to thank Michael Woltz, VMD, Andrew Olinzock, DVM, Cookie, and all of the veterinary technicians and staff at Central Animal Hospitalfor their invaluable assistance in helping the Center with injured wildlife. Many times, birds and mammals need care and treatment which require veterinary expertise, and Central Animal Hospital has always assisted us with this need and at no charge to the Center.  Over the past ten years, Dr. Woltz has been extremely generous in allowing the staff at Central Animal Hospital to evaluate, treat and perform surgery and follow-up care on injured wildlife, when necessary. 

Our thanks go to Jason Siegelheim, DVM, an exotic avian specialist who performed surgery on numerous wildlife species including birds of prey, waterfowl and songbirds in the past.  His excellent care and treatment along with his dedication resulted in many species of wildlife being returned back to the wild. Thank you Dr. Siegelheim!

Thank you to all the other licensed wildlife rehabilitators who also assist the Center by taking wildlife when we are full and/or transferring wildlife to the Center. One of the best things we can do for wildlife is to help each other!

Thank you Whole Foods, Yonkers, NY, for your recent donation to the Center- we greatly appreciate your generosity!